Proofread Everything You’ve Written
Just like they say, “you have to get closer to an apple tree before you would know if it’s fruit is ripe or not”. Most times, you may write and assume your contents are good to fly on the internet. It is not always so – you should consider proofreading your articles before letting them fly. By this, you will gain your readers confidence in your content. There are applications that can help you with your proofreading needs.

Programs like Grammarly and so many others. Sometimes, the error may not be a grammatical error but factual error or an error related to presenting an idea in the reverse form due to stress or misrepresentation. You should ensure you take a word to word check of your content, ensure all information is presented clearly and coherently.

It is also possible that after checking over and over you may still not uncover some minor mistakes, that is why it’s good to entertain critics by allowing a friend or if you have little money to spend, you may hire an auditor to do a check on the content before publishing. All these is to improve the sense of reliability in the heart of your readers.


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