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  Along with a high level of standard safety equipment that primarily includes ABS brakes along with EBD and brake assist, stability control, and twin front airbags are other features that make it a perfect blend of safety and comfort. In fact, if we talk in terms of safety then this brand new car model has a five-star ANCAP safety rating. When you get inside this car, you know you are in a safe environment. Thorax airbags for the front occupants and window airbags protecting both front and rear occupants are available as an option. Nevertheless, talking in context of its performance, this Mercedes Benz model is coming with the 115 CDI variant that use a 2148cc four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine producing 110kW at 3800rpm and 330Nm from 1800-2400rpm. This drives the rear wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission fitted standard.

  This form is important for a number of reasons, both legal and personal, and if you have no P60 information it can cause considerable problems. Firstly, the law requires you to keep a record of any taxable income for six years. Realistically this means you should at all times know where your P60s are located. Itandrsquo;s highly recommended that you keep all your P60s somewhere safe - ideally in a filing cabinet or a ring binder so that they can be easily accessed when necessary. This means that if requested, you can present a copy of your P60 for inspection upon request. This can be useful if you are under going a tax inspection as it can act as proof of your wages. Similarly it can be useful if you are reclaiming excess tax, which is difficult if you canandrsquo;t prove how much income youandrsquo;ve received. For anyone who needs to fill out a tax return a P60 can be very helpful. If you are applying for a loan or mortgage you may be required to presen

  When you are involved in an accident, sensors monitor the severity of the collision, and use that data to decide whether to deploy the Airbags . If a certain severity threshold is exceeded, the bags fill with gas. This entire process occurs within a fraction of a second. Since 1999, when the federal government mandated the installation of driver and passenger airbags, the technology has saved thousands of lives. Yet few people know much about the bags, or the technology that powers them. We'll clarify a few common questions below. Where Are They Installed? Long ago, the bags were only installed in the steering wheel and instrument panel (for the driver and front passenger, respectively). While these locations are still used today, automakers also install them elsewhere. Knee bags may be installed within the lower instrument panel; side bags might be installed in the seat, door, or roof of the vehicle. These are designed to protect the car's occupants from being injured from a